L’USAGE DU MONDE AU 21EME SIECLE is a non profit association created with the United Nations Agency for Refugees to organize cultural events on a regular basis, primarily cinematographic showings and debates, as well as a festival on Worldwide Refugee Day.

L’USAGE DU MONDE AU 21EME SIECLE does not have any political affiliations. The members are jurists, diplomats, journalists, and filmmakers who share the belief that an interculutral dialogue can have the following positive outcomes :

  • To gain a better understanding of the societies from which most asylum seekers in France and Europe come, to learn about their culture and the hardships they face both at home and in exile.
  • To showcase the diversity of talents who express themselves freely around the world.
  • To raise awareness among the public  of the situation faced by refugees in the world, and the evolution of their protection under the Geneva Convention.