DONBASS – Sergueï Loznitsa

DONBASS – Sergueï Loznitsa

AVANT-PREMIERE on September 25th, 2018, at 8pm at Cinema Le Balzac

A film by Sergei Loznitsa

Duration 2h – Pyramide
Cannes Film Festival 2018 – Un Certain Regard – staging award
National release on the 26/09/2018


In the eastern region of Donbass, a hybrid war blends open armed conflict, crimes and looting perpetrated by separatist gangs.
In Donbas, war is called peace, propaganda is erected in truth and hate claims to be love.

A journey through the Donbass is a series of crazy adventures in which the grotesque and the tragic mingle like life and death. This is not a tale about a region, a country or a political system but about a world lost in the after-truth and false identities. This concerns each of us.

Screening followed by a meeting with the director Sergei Loznitsa, led by Joel Chapron, Russian cinema expert.

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